God's vision for lifecoast

We have no desire to build a typical church building in a safe place that is designed primarily for church people.  Even though the world is hungry for spiritual things, very few believe that a church is the best place to find God.

Meanwhile, people continue on with their busy lives, traveling from home, to school, to work, to coffee shops and back home again; rarely engaging intimately with God.  Instead of building a church building and putting all our efforts into drawing people to us, we want to build a building that sits right in the flow of their everyday lives, lovingly providing the very things people need for life. 

God has moved us toward our vision by providing us with an amazing deal on a plot of land. We have purchased a 455 acre lot on Belle Terre Parkway for $375,000. Please consider partnering with us through prayer and giving toward this life changing Family Center. 

What to expect

The Family Center will be a great place for the community to enjoy many life-giving services, such as:

  • A great coffee shop for parents to connect, groups to meet, and individuals to relax, read or enjoy free WiFi. There will be a place for music groups to share their talents during the evening. Baristas will be trained to provide life-giving service to the community in an attractive environment.

  • A Christ-centered Daycare and after school care programs both in academic and athletic areas. Our hope is to offer programs in advanced computer programming and app building, as well as math and science tutoring.

  • A quality fitness center that will meet the health and fitness needs of a growing community, which will include classes in fitness and martial arts for all ages.

  • A spacious auditorium for use by theater groups and larger community events. Conference rooms will also be available to local businesses who long for much needed meeting space.

  • Sunday Church Services and weeknight ministries will also be available, along with counseling and recovery programs for hurting families.

  • Outside attractions for all ages using the spacious land available, such as equestrian and running trails and athletic events.