After an “unexplained” fire burned their family business to the ground, Pastor Mike and Holly Wehde felt God’s call to plant a new church.  They didn’t know where and they didn’t know how, but they did know that God was calling them to begin a journey, which would spread the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.  God soon brought another family, Pastor Jeff and Stacy Barksdale who would embrace the vision and join in the journey of planting Lifecoast Church.  On March 5th, 2006 Lifecoast had its very first public Celebration service. Since that very first service in 2006, Lifecoast has grown and become a vibrant part of the Palm Coast Community. 

At the beginning of 2016 God moved in the leadership of Lifecoast and Pastor Mike Wehde shifted from being the Lead Pastor into a more missional role as the Founding Pastor of Lifecoast Church. This Shift has freed Mike up to pursue his passions and giftedness of training up church planters and future leaders for the Kingdom of God. 

Within that shifting, Pastor Jeff Barksdale has felt God’s Call to assume the role of Lead Pastor, which was affirmed by our Overseers, Our Elders, Our Ministry Leaders as well as the family of Lifecoast Church.

Our Vision

Loving people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. 

We spend most of our time and energy out IN the community, serving people in their most basic needs.  We'll be at the beach, handing out cold waters on a hot day, or at a festival feeding people hot dogs, or at a school serving brunch to the teachers.  We have even created a coffee shop for everyday people to enjoy great services in a warm environment.

We know that a church becomes all it was intended to be when it loves people as much as we love God. In order to make an impact on this community, we are working to become a family that Celebrates, Serves, Grows, and Multiplies together for His glory.  God has created us to do life together, as we learn to love one another as God loves us, we will grow healthy and strong. And as we grow we increase in our capacity to love those around us, and make a positive impact on the world!  In other words, when you become a member of the family, you will always feel like you are being challenged to take His love back into your world.