We don’t want there to be any questions about your next step at Lifecoast Church.  This is why we have developed Life Track. In these groups you will discover where you are on your spiritual journey and engage in a process to help you grow in your faith. Life Track equips you to lead yourself and others into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.



1. Discover

Discover is your 1st step in Life Track. You will meet some of our Pastors, Ministry Leaders and our Discover Team. This where you can learn all about our Vision, Mission and Values. 



2. Engage

Engage is your second step in Life Track. In this group you will better understand your relationship with God and embrace the servant heart of Jesus. You will also gain tools to grow spiritually. 



3. Lead


Lead (Yourself) is your third and final step in Life Track. In this group you will learn to lead yourself by identifying God’s best in you and finding direction for your life. By the end, you will be well on your way to fulfilling God's ultimate vision for your life!