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Have you heard about the impact that our Lead Yourself is having on people's lives?  Would you like to be participate in it, but can't seem to get that night free?
Well NOW you can enter into a mentoring program designed to take you through it, and see incredible results.  Let one of our approved mentors walk you through the 6 keys, and get you on track to fulfilling God's great vision for your life.  Don't wait! 

Here's what you do. Simply download the STUDENT GUIDE below, and then begin watching the lessons online.  When you have completed each lesson, arrange to meet with your mentor that week to go over what you have learned, and he/she has some fun exercises for you both to do that will help you in your learning.  


Class #1 - Introduction




Class #2 - The VISION Key


Class #3:  The VALUES Key


Class #4:  The Perception Key


Class #5 The Frequency Key