Group Life is the small group ministry at Lifecoast Church. We believe that our church must grow both larger and smaller at the same time. Group Life is where our growing church can still remain small and intimate as each person connects with their group to get the care and discipleship they need to grow in their faith. Currently we have three types of Groups for people to get connected into: Missional Groups, Growth Groups and Life Groups.




Missional Groups or "M - Groups" are ongoing groups, which are intended to introduce people to the concepts of God, Prayer and/or The Bible. They are built around Common Interests, Hobbies or Serving Projects.


Growth Groups are designed to help people grow in their faith and knowledge of God and His Word. They are the groups where you can learn and discuss Biblical Teachings, Doctrine and Principles.


Life Groups are people in the same season of Life or those who simply enjoy doing Life together as they learn and grow on their Christian Journey.