Heath Sanford

Heath Sanford

I’ve been attending Lifecoast Church since 2011, I’ve been serving at Lifecoast Church since 2015. I serve with the Worship Team, Guest Services and have been volunteering as a youth leader for our Lifecoast Encounter youth group.

 I’m very excited for this year’s 21-day fast, I will be doing a close to no carb diet which, anyone who knows me knows, when I open a fridge I see 30 things to make a sandwich with. But the biggest part and most important part of my fast is: I will be cutting mostly all social media and television out of my life for 21 days. The reason for that is I want to eliminate mostly all possible ways for negativity, temptation and stinking thinking to be in my life so I can be more focused on what God has in store for me and for me to take some time to get more in tune with God just to better myself a little more every day so that I’m more equipped to walk people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is a quote from Pastor Billy Graham:

Psalm 32:7    You shall surround me with songs of deliverance

- Out west an old sheepherder had a violin, but it was out of tune. He had no way of tuning it, so in desperation he wrote to one of the radio stations and asked them at a certain hour on a certain day to strike the tone of “A”. the officials of the station decided they would accommodate the old fellow, and on that particular day the true tone of “A” was broadcasted. His fiddle was thus tuned, and once more his cabin echoed with joyful music. When we live apart from God, our lives get out of tune – out of harmony other and with God. But if we live in tune with the master, we, too, will find ourselves surrounded by his beautiful music.

As this year begins, ask God to help you tune your life every day to His Word, so you can bring harmony and joy to those around you.   

  • Are you feeling worn?

  • Are you desperate for something to change?

Ask God to reveal where your life may be out of tune. He will be faithful to you.                 

Heath Sanford